Thursday, September 30, 2010


The country that I choose as part of my research paper is going to be the Philippines because I have previous background information about the Philippines as I study in history the Philippines independence from Spain and the United States involvement. The Philippines was part of Spain colony and were fighting for its independence as the United States got involve in order to help the Philippines achieve its independence .The involvement of the U.S.A was more about taking control over the Philippines since after the Philippines obtain its independence the United States wanted to take over the country. The Philippines refuse to be taken over since they wanted to be a free country this contributed with a war with the United States. At the same time the United States had doubts about taking over the Philippines since according to some Americans the Philippines were a racial inferior country and the constitution was going to be involve as well. The constitution was going to take part because if the U.S.A took part of the Philippines the country will have to be consider part of the U.S.A. territory and as being part of the U.S.A it would make the Philippines be consider citizens of the U.S.A. which will make the U.S.A. abandon its racial inferior believes and Americans didn't want this to happen.
        As I was doing my research on Wikipedia I was able to see that this source of information obtains more fact information and didn't provide further information that establishes an argument. The information that I was able to see that could help me in my research paper is the further information that provides how the Philippines obtain its completely independence from the U.S.A and also the positive effects that the U.S.A. had as having control over the Philippines. The positive effects that the United States was able to provide in the Philippines were to create a better education system which is still running today in the country. The economy in the Philippines has progress as well in the merchandise exports but the electronic exports are considered low. For the most part as I read the information in Wikipedia the economy of the Philippines have had a very good improvement. The Philippines is a country that is still under debt with international countries but its debt has decline which is a great improvement for the country.
         The information that I was not able to find about is the relationship that the Philippines have with the United States now and also about how the culture of the United States and the Philippines are similar. I'm looking forward to find out with which other countries is the Philippines involve for the international market.

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  1. Hi Miriam - Great start - I think this will be an interesting topic for you. Do you think you want to write about the period that the U.S. came to control the Phillipines? Did you get a sense from the article how long that lasted? It would also be interesting to think about the kind of control the U.S. had.

    You also say that some people in the U.S. had different ideas about the role the U.S. was playing - it will be interesting to look at who these different groups of people were. You'll also want to look at how differnt groups responded among Phillipinos.