Thursday, December 2, 2010

Planning Oral Presentation

    I'm going to start my presentation by introducing my country and the time period I'm doing. I'm going to discuss the imperialist relationship between the U.S. and the Philippines. I'm going to start discussing the reasons that contributed the U.S. to attacked the Philippines. During 1898 the U.S. was producing more goods than what was demanded by the consumers. It was affecting businesses, since people were not buying a lot. The U.S. had to look for ways in order to help the economy and by taking over the Philippines the trading relationships with Asia countries will increase, but also increase the economy of the U.S.
     When the Spanish American-War took place the U.S. revolted against Spain by attacking Manila the capital of the Philippines. The Filipinos saw the U.S. goverment as an ally that was going to help them acquire their independence. The U.S. made Filipinos believe they were helping them in order to get help of the Filipinos to fight against Spain. At the end the U.S. bought the Philippines from Spain by the Treaty of Paris, this action shows that the U.S. had no interest in helping the Filipinos obtain their independence. The U.S. wanted to take over the Philippines for imperialistic reasons and saw it was a good opportunity to help the economy of the U.S.
  For my visual presentation I'm going to use a power point presentation, that will include images a short clip and quotes to support my argument.


  1. i like it, it looks like you have it all planned out =]

  2. I agree that you have a very strong argument and a clear understanding of it!

    Can you also talk about: the evidence you will present to support your argument.
    - Your visual element.