Thursday, November 4, 2010

The ideologies of the Vietnam War

       The Vietnam war that took place around 1958-1974, contributed to the largest anti-war movement. At the beginning of the war many ideologies were manifested as the reasons that contributed to start of the war. The different perceptions about the war developed among different kinds of groups. The government claimed that the main cause of the war was to stop the spread of communism.
Despite from the government affirmation that communism is the reason of the war. Many people were not persuaded by this theory; instead they started developing their own ideologies. Among the group of people that were against the war were the veterans soldiers of Vietnam. Also some soldiers fighting in Vietnam. Activists such, as Martin Luther King J.R, Julian Bond and The
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.
    The veterans formed their own group that was called “Vietnam veterans” to manifest their
perception against the war. In being part of this group veterans were able to give speeches about
their experiences in the war. By sharing their experiences veterans were able to show the violence that the soldiers were performing against the Vietnamese. This information could have served as a way to make some people change their perception about the war; by showing that the war was unjust since a lot of innocent people were being killed. Having the testimonies of soldiers that were part of the war gave them a more persuasive influence among the public. Howard Zinn is able to support my argument by indicating that in “December 1970, hundreds of veterans went to Detroit to testify publicly about atrocities they have participated in or seen in Vietnam”. This was one of the acts that veteran’s soldiers contributed as part of their anti-war movement. The second anti-war act took place in April 1971in the capital of Washington, D.C. According to Zinn “They went up to a wire fence around the capital, threw over the fence the medals they won in Vietnam”. This actions indicates that veteran’s soldiers didn’t feel proud of being part of the war.
       Not only veteran soldiers were against the war, but also soldiers that were fighting currently in the war. Among this group of soldiers many ideologies were formed as their way to not take part in the war.


  1. your essay is really good with a lot of information. you can make the introduction more clear. maybe try to name the group and people there instead of later. and i think you got a little off topic, or just make your topic more clear were you writing about the ideoloiges? becaus ethen you just strated to talk about being aganist the war. everything you have is good though i did like it. It did make sense to me.

  2. Its great how specific you were with dates and facts- keep it up!

  3. Hi - In relation to Sophia's comment - if your topic is ideologies, you want to think about that, as well as giving the information about *what* people did against the war.

    A couple of questions: in the first sentence you say, 'the largest anti-war movement.' Largest in comparison to what?

    Is the name of the group you're looking at just 'Vietnam veterans'? That term would refer to any one who served. Look again.

    Be sure to give the title of Zinn's text so we know your source.