Thursday, October 28, 2010

The article found in class session

      In the article I was able to find information about the changes that the U.S. had as having control over the philipines. I was able to see that it had a lot of positive effects when it comes to the education. The filipinos were able to obtain sports scholarship that permited the students to play against other countries. This was an interesting information, but it didn't give me that kind of information that I was trying to find. It also obtain information about the U.S involvement in pearl harbor which it kind of confuse me since it relates to Cuba. As I was reading the information further it give me the idea that it contributed with the U.S. attacking manila the capital of the philippines that was under spain rule.
       This information made me realize that pearl harbor is an important event that contributed the U.S. involvement in the philippines.I need to do more research on pearl harbor in order to understand the issue more better. Since it seems an important event  that started the relationship between the U.S. and the philippines. The information seems more as an opinion than an objective information. Since the author
 is sharing some of her personal experience and her opinion about the U.S. rule in the philippines. 
 The only information I found useful is about pearl harbor. Since it actually made me want to find more information about the topic. In order to determine if it will be part of my research information. Which I think it will be since it seems that it contributes to first events that took place.

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  1. Hmmm - can you give me a date or link for the article - it might help me help you understand the context.